Hair Extensions have gained popularity across the world over the past 5 years. With top celebrities in USA and Europe talking about how they extensions and wigs, these products are now accepted worldwide and even serve as a beauty aid in the fashion and movie circles. Hair extensions have been in the Indian society for the past 15 years but are majorly used in films, fashion, ramp and beauty industry. The hair extensions were purchased abroad and installed by professionals.

Diva Divine India is a subsidiary of Diva Divine Hair International. We focus exclusively on premium human hair, virgin hair, Indian hair extensions and wigs. Diva Divine India also has their own flagship boutique offering a wide assortment of products in New Delhi.

Our New Delhi boutique offers:

  • Clip & Go.
  • Kerati Tips, “I” and Flat in various forms including double dip, wicked colors.
  • Partial wig hair pieces. 7 ½ “and 10” wide. Double dip and Piano colors.
  • Wefted Hair for weaving.
  • Human Hair Wigs for all uses. Machine, mono, Lace front and “U” part.
  • Salt & Pepper line for the elderly.
  • Top Head bands and Pony Tails.
  • Invisible Tape wefts.
  • Lace front Closures, frontals and PU Bangs.
  • Personal blend for specific needs.
  • Nylon/synthetic wigs for fashion etc.
  • Pro Extension Trainer kits.
  • Stylist Extension kits.
  • Fusion Kits
  • Micro Bead kits.
  • Tools & Accessories.

Diva Divine now brings you the extensions films, fashion, ramp and beauty industry & celebrities wear at affordable prices and with options. The virgin hair extensions and human hair wigs offered by Diva Divine India can be installed at home and can last anywhere from a night out to three to four months on a semi-permanent basis. Majority of hair extension and wig product available in the international market is now available in India through Diva Divine through our key accredited salons in Delhi and around India; and in the remote chance that we do not have it, we will get it for you within 14 days. Personal Blend Extensions for specific needs are available in 20 days.

Some of the important notes to remember when purchasing human hair extensions:

1) Does the company selling virgin human hair to you know what they are selling?
2) Can they demonstrate to you how the human hair product is installed?
3) Do they know where the human hair is coming from and if it is truly virgin hair?
4) Do they have the support of major celebrities and salon chains in India and internationally?
5) Do they offer a full range of human hair or virgin hair or are they just trying to sell you whatever they have in stock?
6) Can they offer you at least 20 different colours of virgin hair extensions?
7) Has their hair products been used by leading fashion designers at Fashion Week in India and abroad?
8) Can they answer all your questions regarding maintenance of virgin hair extensions and care after?
9) Can they offer you multiple types of installation techniques to suit your budget and your longevity requirement?
10) Do they have a retail location in India where you can walk in and see all the hair products in person and touch and feel       everything? Diva Divine Indian Hair does all the above.

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